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Latest Press Release 12/19/16

For Immediate Release: December 19, 2016

Tom Agosta
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Angelina Italian Bistro vs Bedrock, Round 3
What does this forecast for the future of Local Independent Small Business in Detroit?

For the third time in less than five years Angelina Italian Bistro has received an eviction notice from Bedrock. The “reason” for the recent notice is that Bedrock failed to impose its own version of the lease on Angelina and created additional fabricated fees and charges that were “past due.”

Angelina’s lease has a seven year option to renew which was exercised on December 1, 2016. As stated in the lease, new rent is based on “market rate” to be determined by a certified MAI commercial appraiser. The appraisal came in at $19/sq ft which comes to an additional $32,450 a year in rent which Angelina has already begun to pay. When Angelina refused to negotiate the already settled market rate, Bedrock fabricated claims of unpaid rent and electric bills. Angelina was threatened to either negotiate or pay the fabricated $162,351.53 in back charges.

Numerous times Angelina requested to see Bedrock’s appraisal (which allegedly states market rate at $37/sq ft plus 3% increases per year) and Bedrock refused to provide it.

Tom Agosta managing partner of Angelina Italian Bistro states ”we’ve celebrated 8 successful years under two landlords, and horrible economic times. We want to continue to serve a wide range of customers in a diverse community and thrive with other independent businesses.”

In addition, Bedrock has falsely accused Angelina of being 19 months in arrears with their lease, however all monthly Bedrock invoices have been paid by Angelina in full. Angelina attorneys are preparing legal action.

This isn’t just about Angelina Italian Bistro, but exposes an issue that is recurring for many other individually owned small businesses. While other businesses have similar disputes with Bedrock, this poses the question about the vision of what Detroit’s future will be for locally based entrepreneurs who wish to remain independent. Angelina is asking for support in their efforts to rally for all small businesses in Downtown Detroit.

Tom Agosta states “this fight is not just about Angelina but about all independent Detroit businesses and what the future of our city will look like. Detroit has always been ethnically and economically diverse which gives it soul. It is imperative that urban businesses offer a variety of restaurant, retail and residential options.”


Angelina is a Detroit-based restaurant that celebrated eight years in business on Oct 30, 2016. Adapting their Sicilian grandmother’s made-from-scratch recipes, they set out to be part of a downtown Detroit rebirth that would be part of a growing number of quality independent restaurants that served a diverse group of customers. Angelina has striven to become a neighborhood meeting place where friends and families share memories and where local, suburban and world travelers share camaraderie through food.


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PR 12.19.16

Angelina Legal Docs

Angelina Filed Declaratory Judgement – Prevents Bedrock from trying to evict Angelina without a hearing


Documents that prove Angelina was not in arrears

FILED-Exhibits to complaint


Bedrock Legal Docs

Notice to Quit – Contains the fabricated “evidence”